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Interesting Facts about Uganda


Name: Uganda


Populations:The population of Uganda is 44,2 million

Languages:The National language of Uganda is Luganda.  English and Swahili.

Local Chitchat: Good MorningWasuze otya nno? How was your night? (Luganda)

:Thank you: Weebale (Luganda)


  • Chipati: Indian style flat bread fried in oil
  • Grasshoppers: The crunchy deep fried insects are a popular street food.
  • Luwombo: Stew made from meat, vegetables or fish steamed in banana leaves
  • Matoke: Green banana steamed in its own leaves and mashed
  • Millet Bread: A mixture of millet and cassava flour, eaten with peanut or meat sauce
  • Posho: Made from white corn flour, this starchy stable similair to polenta
  • Waragi: Local gin
  • Mandazi: A type of doughnut served with cinnamon or sugar or both
  • Rolex : an omlette made with onion and vegetables and rolled up in a chiapati
  • Kikomando: Chopped up chiapatti served with fried beans
  • Pombe: Beer made by fermented millet or bananas
  • SimSim: Roasted sesame seeds made into a paste mixed into a dish of greens or beans often served as a side dish.



Must do’s:

  • Gorilla Trekking
  • Spend time on the Nile River
  • Activities in Jinja
  • Ndere cultural centre
  • Ngamba Island Chimpanzee santuary
  • Queen Victoria National Park

✓  Uganda has second largest lake in the World-Lake Victoria

✓  Uganda’s largest export is coffee

✓  The Equator crosses Uganda

Grey-crowned crane is Uganda’s National Bird

Cover your legs-it is customary for men to wear trousers and women to cover their legs as a sign of respect.

Rife with youngsters only 2% of population over the age of 65

Always green in Uganda as it rains consistently